"Bust" : Felt, Leather, Plastic, 2014

18.5 in H x 15 in W x 9 in D

Heading to Berlin for a the Pictoplasma 10th anniversary portrait group show!!!

An old piece never photographed from about 2007-2008.
HYPNAGOGIA. New Painting & Sculpture by Joshua Ben Longo
Wayfarers - 1109 Dekalb Avebtw Broadway & Malcolm x (Brooklyn)(j train - kosciuszko street)
Open until March 28th 6 pm. Open Sundays or by appointment.
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"Hypnagogia" - edition of 17 - 8.5 in x 6.5 in

by Joshua Ben Longo

“The Visitor”  / 2014
Muslin, Glue
12in x 10in x 7in ,
31cm x 25cm x 18cm
edition of 50

Joshua Ben Longo

“Wizard Sticks”  / 2014Wood, Polymer Clay
15in, 38cmEdition of 4
Joshua Ben Longo
“Chosen” - Acrylic, Ink, / 201415.75in x 19.75in , 40cm x 50cm
Also available as a 4 color silk screen in edition of 50 for $50 each.
Joshua Ben Longo
“On the back of the Beast” 
Acrylic, Ink, / 201322in x 30in , 56cm x 76cm
Joshua Ben Longo
“Infested” - Acrylic, Ink, / 201122in x 30in , 56cm x 76cm
Joshua Ben Longo

“Monument”  / 2014
Plastic, Muslin, Glue, Wood,
Urethane Foam, Felt
33in x 16in x 16in ,
83cm x 40cm x 40cm

Joshua Ben Longo

Opaque  by  andbamnan