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Prep sketch for a bigger piece.
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Monster heads. Prep for some big pieces.
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Prep for a new piece.
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Joshua Ben Longo’s Tough Stuff for PUNGAS by #Hickies. #vscocam #pictoplasma #art #character #monster #shoes #bones #joshuabenlongo by heidi_olento
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I often have young artists and students contact me how to get there work out there and get into galleries, get exposure or how to become successful. I believe that it’s all relative and the focus should be on happiness and hard work. I do my best to answer all inquiries but sometimes these emails get lost in the black hole of my inbox. Below is an answer I gave to a recent email.

Here’s a list on how to be awesome.

10. Don’t focus on getting the work out there. Focus on making good work. Most people don’t make strong work until they have done it for while. All the other shit falls into place.

9. Surround yourself with motivated and encouraging people. Love.

8. Eat well. Sleep well. Everyone can’t be john Coltrane and do heroin and be changing the musical landscape. I exaggerate, but I’m a firm believer if your body is in a good state then you will be focused and on point.

7. Talk to strangers. It doesn’t hurt to be charming and attractive. Either way you never know who or what will present itself. Learn to jump on opportunities when they present themselves.

6. Constantly challenge yourself and expect nothing less then ridiculously beautiful and passionate work.

5. You are the only person that will figure out how to make it work.. What works for me may not work for you… That said… Engage and reach for advice as often as necessary

4. Learn to make a delicious pasta dish…Get a dog or a cat

3. Be confident. Not arrogant. Confident. Own your work. Don’t be scared to be yourself completely and always. Sounds simple, but there are a lot of people trying to force you into a role.. Parents, teachers, friends… You don’t have to be a dick.. But you don’t have to make everyone happy either.

2. Travel often and everywhere.. Do things that scare you.

1. Don’t forget that all this shit is temporary. We should be having fun and enjoying ourselves. Let the galleries come to you. You are busy being awesome with your friends making great art, sharing passionate experiences, eating delicious pasta and snuggling with you cat or dog…….then you’ll bust out some serious art that people will respond to.. But who cares your belly is full and your surrounded by people who love you.

I’m still figuring it out myself.. I think that’s the point. It’s in your perception that counts. Learn to see the world differently, love what you do, work hard and the universe will open its arms

"Bust" : Felt, Leather, Plastic, 2014

18.5 in H x 15 in W x 9 in D

Heading to Berlin for a the Pictoplasma 10th anniversary portrait group show!!!

An old piece never photographed from about 2007-2008.
Opaque  by  andbamnan